Coin Show Auctions

In an effort to bring more dealers to our Monthly Coin Shows, the auction has been eliminated until further notice. This will free up space for the addition of seven dealer tables. There is currently a waiting list for dealers to set up at our monthly coin shows.

However, the coin auctions at our monthly Coin Club Meetings on Tuesday nights will continue as always. Please make sure you review the Auction Terms and Conditions and use the latest Auction Submission Checklist.

7 replies on “Coin Show Auctions”

Sorry to see the auction being eliminated. Many members and non-members came just for the auction because it was a fun time. I was at our January show and there were at least 5 dealers missing. I didn’t see any extra dealers. Also I saw dealers packing up at 115 130 pm. So lets not blame having the auction for people not seeing the dealers once the auction started. By 2 p. m. half the dealers are packing up and basically the only people there are the ones that come to have some fun at the auction. This club used to be fun and not always about the money.

Many customers come to the coin show for the auction.
I hate to see those customers come to the show with no auction.

So the auction seems to be returning. A few logistical hurdles to work out so it will be at least March and perhaps May (no auction at the G&S).

No auctions mean less customers. Great, more coin collections to buy at estate sales. What is the average age of the members 86? No bar, no 50/50 , and no auctions, good luck!

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