WNY Coin Dealers

Looking for a stamp or coin dealer? How about a collectibles dealer? There are many coin and stamp dealers in the Buffalo and Western New York area. Why not visit one of the coin dealers who sponsor our website.

Letchworth Coins

Contact: Terry Bogert; Owner
Phone: 585-721-6856 or 585-237-5741 (cell phone)
Address: 6 Dolbeer St., Perry, NY 14530
Email: Houtth@yahoo.com

J.C. Coins, LLC.

Contact: Joe Cartonia
Phone: 716-897-3460
Address: 5295 Broadway, Lancaster, NY 14086
Email: Kathy2070@verizon.net

Broadway Coins

Contact: Hal Folkemer
Phone: 716-908-3097 or 716-741-9344
Address: 5295 Broadway, Lancaster, NY 14086
Email: broardwaycoins@verizon.net

GDK Coins

Contact: Peter Cappa
Phone: 716-656-808 or 716-220-4345 (cell)
Address: 1380 French Rd., Depew, NY 14043
Email: GDKCoins@yahoo.com

LTG Enterprise

Contact: Rolf & Terry
Phone: 716-633-4104
Address: 6589 Main St., Williamsville, NY